Each AccuRC scenery is not only photo realistic but also offers a new level of precision in terms of topographical detail and collision mapping. You will also notice that models are scaled correctly against the scenery and not artificially enlarged to create an unrealistic experience.

Flying sites can be configured with realistic wind options modelled on authentic wind gradients – the higher you fly the higher the wind speed. Additionally the wind effects are non linear and include gusting and turbulence relating to the topography of each specific field. To maintain a reference you can select the windsock feature providing wind direction information.

Different surfaces offer varying levels of friction and ground handling properties for aircraft. Additionally the ground will interact with moving objects such as rotor blades – touch the grass with your rotor tips you’ll see a puff of dust appear as the ground is disturbed.

Each environment has unique audio properties that interact directly with the model you have selected resulting in a slightly different acoustic signature depending on the location, and also which part of the field you’re flying in.

AccuRC Simulator Beaulieu
AccuRC Simulator Burridge


An old World War 2 airbase. The concrete area is all that remains of the original Spitfire runway with the rest having been removed and returned to grass and scrub land. Home to an active flying club and suitable for both helicopters and large aircraft.


The local cricket pitch for a small rural village in the south of England. The close mown grass provides a nice flying site for both helicopters and small aircraft.

AccuRC Simulator Disused Runway
AccuRC Simulator Airfield

Disused Runway

This is the disused runway 17/35 at Lee-on-Solent airfield, a military airbase opened in 1917 by the Royal Navy originally as a seaplane base.

Private Airfield

A full size air strip which is home to a specialist light aircraft repair business. With light aircraft hangars to the side of the long runway it suits both helicopters and large aircraft.