Functional Accessory for paint jobs "Spray Gun"

With this useful tool you will manage the painting of your body without any problems. You simply has to put the spray can into the Spray gun and here we go. Your fingers will stay clean and the result will be precise. Related to the great handling and feeling with the spray gun you will receive a more consistent result.

The gun is available in two versions

SprayGun Pro

Spraygun Pro
(Item No.: RTC85)

SprayGun Easy

Spraygun Easy
(Item No.: RTC86)

The functioning of both systems are very similar, the only difference between both systems are the workmanship and mechanism that is used for the trigger to activate the spray can.
PRO: For users who frequently paint and are just would like to buy the best
Easy: For users who occasionally paint

Demonstration Video of the "Pro" Version