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The LAP COUNTER USB, successor to the well known and popular LAP COUNTER, is a resonably priced lap-counting-system for RC-cars of all scales. It has been espacially developed and is applicable for use in mini-RC-cars of 1:18, 1:20 and 1:27(Mini-Z) scale.

Now even easier to install and use than ever before!


  Lap-counting-system for RC-models of all scales
   Suitable for in- and outdoor tracks
  Any number of vehicles can be counted at the same time
  Personal transponder with unique ID number
  Extremely small and leightweight transponder (12x16x7mm @ 3g)
  Thanks to the new USB HID technology no drivers are needed
  The power feed of the receiver modules/loop now works through the USB port
  No additional power feed via external power supply is needed
  Software for all common Windows operating systems


With the extremly small and leightweight transponder a modelcar owns a worldwide unique ID number. If a car equipped with it crosses the start/finish line, the transponder signal with the ID number will be recognized and processed by the receiver-module in the loop bridge. 

The lap-counting-system can process any number of transponders at the same time, not depending on the number of receiver-modules used on the loop-bridge. The number of receiver-modules much more depends on the width of the track under the bridge. The provided software, when installed on a PC, can be used for practice runs right away.

Mounting the Transponder

The mounting spot for the transponder should be chosen in a way that it can transmit through the windshield without being blocked.

Mounting the Receiver Module

The receiver-module and the transponder work with infrared-sensors. The receiver-modules can be expanded to any number with easy plug & play. This way the system can be adapted to any track width. A receiver-module should be placed every 30cm, with a distance of 15cm on the edge.

Box Content


Order no. RS616 Lap Counter Set USB



 4 receiver-modules with flatcable for 1,50m track width
 3 personal transponders
 PC interface with datacable
 RCM-Beginners software with practice-program
 Instructions & CD-ROM


Bridge NOT included!

Lap-Timing- Software

RCM Beginners: Software for easy race completion
With RCM Beginners You can start a race with multiple drivers without creating groups up front. As soon as the drivers are recognized by lap-counting they are identified by the transponder. The transponder ID can be replaced with the name of the driver during the race and in the future the race result will be displayed with the name. After the race finish a lap-counting-sheet can be printed which can also be saved.


● registers the transponder automatically
● a transponder can be assigned to a name
● race duration adjustable
● group start or single start
● laps-and-time or best-time-results
● starting and ending the race

RCM Online Easy: practice software
RCM Online Easy recognizes every driver equipped with a personal transponder. RCM Online Easy records all lap times by transponder ID, which can be printed out by the driver after his practice. After the printout the data is released and not displayed anymore.

RCM Online Easy will be configured to autostart when the PC is turned on. From there on it keeps recording lap times aroun the clock respectively until a timed PC shutdown. This makes practice on an unmonitored track possible and the drivers can access the performance data of their skills.

Optional accessories, expansions and spare parts for the Robitronic USB Lap Counter

RS163 - Personal Transponder

Incredibly small and leightweight persnal transponder.

Order No.:   RS163
Weight:   3g
Measurements:   12 x 16 x 7mm
Box content:   1 pc. (1 Transponder)

RS-164 Receiver Module

Infrared receiver module for the Lap Counter USB. Necessary to adapt the system to different track widths. A receiver module should be placed every 30cm with a distance of 15cm on the edge. 

Order No.:   RS164
Weight  14g
Measurements  47 x 32 x 16mm
Box content  1 pc. (1 Receiver Module)

RS-166 Spare Cable for Receiver Modules

Spare cable for receiver modules. Up to 11 modules can be connected to this cable.

Order No.:   RS166
Box content  1 pc. (1 Cable)

RS-162 Spare USB Interface

Das Lap Counter USB Interface.

Order No.:   RS162
Weight  34g
Measurements  61 x 50 x 23mm
Box content  1 pc. (1 Interface)

RS-169 RCM Voice Software Module

RCM Voice enables the speech output of important processes like i.e. the countdown before the start, time left over of the race, current driver ranking and much more... 

Can be used with RCM Server, Kart, Advanced, Beginners, Online and Online Easy.

Order No.:   RS169
Box content  1 pc.

RS168 - RCM Advanced Software

Race processing with qualifying and finals. RCM Advanced is the ideal and resonably priced solution for persons or clubs that are not interested in national championships or international races. RCM Advanced Sofware is compatible with AMB.

  - automatic and manual grouping for qualifiers
  - lap- and time ranking in qualifiers
  - best-time ranking in qualifiers
  - points ranking in qualifiers
  - automatic final classification for electric finals (A, B, C... finals)
  - automatic final classification for finals (sub- and main finals) 
  - participant listing with frequencies and transponder ID
  - race result with lap times
  - qualifying ranking
  - final ranking

Order No.:   RS168
Box content  1 pc.