MCD Ride Height Gauge

Measure it right...

get success with the right tools. Because even the best car and driver needs a setup to beat the rest and get a better performance. This is reason enough to present you the Ride Height Gauge a little bit closer.

The Ride Height Gauge allows you to measure the ride height of the car correctly and also gives the oportunity to measure the downstop as a indication. Both numbers are very important for the driving behavior of the car and the performance that can be given.

With the Ride Height Gauge you can measure the ride hight from 20mm till 70mm. Because of the very long measure arm you will have easy acces under the chassis and still can read the scale easily. With the setting arm on the side you can change the setting even when the arm is under the chassis.

MCD Ride Height Gauge

The Ride Height Gauge (M900501P)