MCD RR5 CF Ultimate Rolling Chassis

 We proudly present our top of the line Racing Spec Buggy the RR5 CF Ultimate. The new RR5 CF Ultimate carries all of the alloy upgrade parts that are developed by the MCD Racing Engineering Department. The parts were used and tested by MCD Racing Team Drivers during many races including the Euro Championships.

All of the alloy upgrade parts are CNC-machined from 7075 billet Alloy and they are lighter than the composite versions. The alloy parts are hard coated in MCD gun metal color with laser engraved markings.

ItemNr: M00514001

RR5 Ultimate Features

  • Top of the line competition off-road Buggy
  • Easy assembly/dis-assembly
  • Easy maintenance
  • Centralized and compacted parts layout on chassis
  • Elite racing design ultra-durable high performance parts
  • Fifth generation MCD chassis & suspension arms
  • Sophisticated full-time 4WD Shaft Driven mechanics
  • Ultra strengthened chrome drive shaft and axle
  • Easy gear mesh system
  • Easily removable one-piece electronics tray
  • CNC machined, anodized light-weight 7075 T6 aircraft alloy chassis
  • 7075 air craft alloy wishbones
  • Solid and durable side guards
  • Easily removable composite front, rear and center diff houses
  • Ultra durable front and rear adjustable brake system
  • Rear-brake only servo slot
  • 8mm light-weight 7075 air craft alloy front and rear towers
  • Optimized multiple shock mounting holes
  • Coil-over extended alloy shock absorbers with High Pressurized Cell™ System
  • Ultra hardened steel transmission gears
  • Double ball bearing anti-roll bars
  • No-Stress-Effect polyamide front and rear bumper
  • Ultra durable steel ball cup-joints
  • Super-Cooling V5 air ventilation system
  • Viper Racing Air Filters with dual layer foam and thermoplastic hose
  • Barracuda G performance exhaust
  • Adjustable CG
  • Adjustable weight distribution
  • Molded fuel tank with shake absorbing separators
  • Front/rear/central 90˚ ramp self locking diffs
  • Fully composite body accessories
  • Drive and shock shaft boots

RR5 Ultimate Technical Data:

Length : 825 mm
Width : 470 mm
Overall height : 340 mm
Ground clearance : 25-85 mm
Weight : 12.5-13.4 kg (Depending on the installed components)
Wheelbase : 549-565 mm (adjustable)(with extender kit: 610-625 mm)

: 402mm

Chassis material : 7075 T6 Alloy (4mm)
Suspension : Non-parallel non-line independent
Caster angle : 8°(8° - 20°(total caster); adjustable)
Camber angle : Adjustable
Toe angle : In-board and out-board adjustable
Anti-squat : 3°(adjustable)
Dive, Anti-dive : 6°-10° (adjustable)
Shock absorber : Coil-over Oil-filled Internal High Pressure Cell
Transmission : Full-Time 4WD Shaft driven
Gear ratio : 9.14:1 (18 available 7,44:1 to 10,67:1)
Tyre size : 68 x 180 mm (Micro-Stud Ultra Grip Compund)

Easy and Rapid Component Disassembly

MCD RR5 Easy and Rapid Component Disassembly

Included Upgrade Parts:

M200402A LSD Diff. Case Alloy
M260102S Brake Disc LightWeight ABS
M290101X Pro-Bite Racing Clutch
M300107X F/R Wishbone Alloy Set Complete
M300603A Front Hub Alloy Set L/R
M300604A Rear Hub Alloy Set L/R
M300704A L/R Caster Block Set 0 Deg.Alloy
M301204X Rod-end Lightweight Turnbuckle Set Alloy
M320302A Rear Shock Absorber Body Alloy
M320402A Front Shock Absorber Body Alloy
M320502A Upper Shock Absorber Joint Cup Alloy
M320503A Lower Shock Absorber M5 Joint Alloy
M340102A Alloy M8 Upper Wishbone Rose Joint L/R Thread
M380102A Servo Saver Alloy Upper Arm
M381002A Steering Servo Turnbuckle Alloy
M415102A Front/Rear Diff. House Inner Alloy
M415202A Center Diff.Holder Set Alloy
M415302A Brake Plate Alloy
M415402A Lay Shaft Carrier Alloy Set
M415502A Clutch Bell Carrier Alloy
M415701A Engine Clutch House Alloy
M430105X F/R Tower Multi-Hole Wide Set Alloy
M445102A Front Stiffener Alloy
M445202A Rear Stiffener Alloy Set
M445301A Top Stiffener Alloy
M460102A Diff.House-Stiffener Spacer Alloy
M725302A Carburetor / AirFilter Venturi Alloy
M750601X Barracuda G Performance Exaust Set
M925901X RR5-Max Wheelbase Extender Kit

RR5 Alloy Parts

MCD RR5 Alloy Parts

MCD RR5 Drive Train

MCD RR5 Drive Train

Chassis Extension Set

MCD RR5 Chassis Extension Set

Easy & Rapid Differential Access

MCD RR5 Easy & Rapid Differential Access

Double Ball Bearing Ackerman Plate

Double Ball Bearing Ackerman Plate

MCD Electronics Tray

MCD Electronics Tray

RR5 Servo Mounting Options

RR5 Servo Mounting Options

Front Suspension Assembly

Front Suspension Assembly

Engine Mount

MCD RR5 Engine Mount

Alloy Front Wishbones

Alloy Front Wishbones

Anti-Roll Bar with Ball Bearing

MCD RR5 Anti-Roll Bar with Ball Bearing

Dive & Anti-Dive Adjustment

MCD RR5 Dive Adjustment

Front Hub

MCD RR5 Front Hub

Spring Steel Downstop Pads

MCD RR5 Spring Steel Downstop Pads

Adaptive Lock Diff

MCD RR5 Adaptive Lock Diff

3 Ball Drive Shaft

MCD RR5 3 Ball Drive Shaft

MCD Shock Absorber

MCD Shock Absorber

MCD Shock Springs

MCD RR5 Shock Springs

MCD Tire Options

MCD RR5 Tire Options

MCD Chassis Braces

MCD RR5 Chassis Braces

MCD Central Brakes

MCD RR5 Central Brakes

Easy Gear Mesh System

MCD RR5 Gear Mesh System

Wheelbase Adjustment

MCD RR5 Wheelbase Adjustment

Alloy Rear Wishbones

MCD RR5 Alloy Rear Wishbones

Rear Shock Mounting Options

MCD RR5 Rear Shock Mounting Options

Rear Squat and Inboard Toe Adjustment

MCD RR5 Rear Squat and Inboard Toe Adjustment

Caster Block

MCD RR5 Caster Block

Rear Hub

MCD RR5 Rear Hub

Barracude Tuned Pipe

Barracude Tuned Pipe

Viper Racing Filters

Viper Racing Filters

RR5 FuelTank

MCD RR5 FuelTank