XS-5 Competition Super Sport

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The pinnacle of the worlds large scale super sports car market.

Built on the proven 5 series MCD Racing chassis the XS-5 is defining the pinnacle of the worlds large scale super sports car market. The XS-5 is a precision engineering and superior handling machine combined with a unique design language emphasizing XS-5's aggressive and dynamic style. 
The XS-5 is equipped with the finest accessories&parts such as the rear diffuser, rear wing, side wings, front bumper, new 160mm (6.3 inch) super-grip low profile on-road tires and new 17 spoke high performance rims. The new Rossa HS on-road tires will be available in two different compounds; white and blue spot.

This is the Competition Version a downgraded FT Spec car. It is ideal for any hobbyist or beginner.

 The XS-5 Competition Features

 - On-road super sports car
 - Easy assembly/dis-assembly
 - Easy maintenance
 - Centralized and compacted parts layout on chassis
 - Fifth generation chassis & suspension arms
 - Sophisticated full-time 4WD Shaft Driven mechanics
 - New easy gear mesh system
 - Easily removable one-piece electronics tray
 - Long wishbones
 - Solid and durable side guards
 - No-Stress-Effect polyamide front bumper
 - Solid and durable rear diffuser
 - Easily removable composite front, rear and center diff houses
 - New ball cup-joints
 - Improved brake linkage
 - New Viper Racing Air Filters
 - New Barracuda G performance exhaust improved for V5 Chassis (Optional)
 - Molded fuel tank with shake absorbing separators
 - Fully composite body accessories

Length : 910 mm
Width : 470 mm
Overall height : 250 mm
Ground clearance : 25-40 mm
Weight : 12.4kg - 12.8kg (depending on equipment installed)
Wheelbase : 549-565 mm (adjustable)

: 402mm

Chassis material : T6 Alloy (4mm)
Suspension : Non-parallel non-line independent
Caster angle : 18° (14° - 20° adjustable)
Camber angle : Adjustable
Toe angle : In-board and out-board adjustable
Anti-squat : 3°
Kick-up : 8°-10° (adjustable)
Shock absorber : Coil-over Oil-filled with second floating piston
Rear Squat : 5 Degrees
Shock absorber : Coilover Oilfilled
Transmission : Full-Time 4WD Shaft driven
Gear ratio : 7,88:1 (18 available 7,44:1 to 10,67:1)
Tyre size : 68 x 160 mm (On-Road Tires)


Easy maintenance chassis layout

Alloy chassis

Easily removable one-piece electronics tray

On-Road Suspensions

Aerodynamic side guards

17 spoke high performance rims

No-Stress-Effect polyamide front bumper

Solid & durable rear diffuser

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(Info: Delivery without electronic, engine and pipe)