Rockamp LiPo Batteries

Check out the full range of Rockamp LiPo Batteries and Accessories. You can find 2-8S Packs in many different configurations. You will find the most important information, technical data and accessories.

LiPo Packs 3S

Rockamp Lipo 3S / 2200mAH / 20C

3S / 2200mAH / 20C

Rockamp Lipo 3S / 2200mAH / 40C

3S / 2200mAH / 40C

Rockamp LiPo 3S / 2800mAH / 30C

3S / 2800mAH / 30C

LiPo Packs 6S

Rockamp Lipo 6S / 1300mAH / 35C

6S / 1300mAH / 35C