Rockamp - LiPo's, Servos & Speed Controller

Rockamp is our strong brand for high quality Speed Controller, Servos and Batteries for all kind of flight models. Doesn`t matter if for beginners, hobbyist or professionals, the range of rockamp offeres the right product for everybody. Another benefit of the Rockamp brand is a excellent price range.


Rockamp XR280

XR280 Racing Quad

Speed Controller

Rockamp Akia


Batteries / LiPo's

Rockamp Lipo 3S / 2200mAH / 20C

3S / 2200mAH / 20C

Rockamp LiPo 3S / 2800mAH / 30C

3S / 2800mAH / 30C

Rockamp Lipo 6S / 1300mAH / 35C

6S / 1300mAH / 35C