Astro Grip Tires v2 "Blue"

The new RP Astro Grip v2 Tires.

These tires are a copy of the small Astro Grip 155er tires.

What has been changed?

  • The Tire gets adapted to the 180 size rims
  • The Pins get about 10% bigger
  • The Rubber compound has been revised
  • Now also available in "Soft" & "Medium" compound

Based on these the durability and performance is increased. Because of the two compounds it is possible to chose the optimum tire based on the track and temperature.

These tires are particularly suited for wet and dry astro turf as well for carpet tracks.

Note: These tires are DMC homologated!

Astro Grip v2 Tires

Astro Grip v2 Tires

Available Versions

(RP100221R) - 180mm Astro Grip soft "White"

(RP100222R) - 180mm Astro Grip medium "White" (DMC homologated for the 4WD class on Astro turf)

(RP100222X) - 180mm Astro Grip medium "White" + Rims (DMC homologated for the 4WD class on Astro turf)