Animus 18SC Short Course Truck

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Powerful Motor Combo

The proportional Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) provides great performance in forward and reverse. Paired with a 380 size brushed motor, this combo delivers outstanding performance, reaching speeds over 20mph!

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Low Center of Gravity

For all-terrain domination, one thing you gotta have is stability! Our low center of gravity (LCG) Chassis keeps the weight low to help you stay on your wheels.

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1100mAh Battery & AC Charger

A 1100mAh 6-Cell NiMH rechargeable battery pack delivers the power necessary to reach speeds in excess of 20mph while the included AC charger improves your driving-to-waiting ratio.

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2.4GHZ Transmitter

Utilizing one of the most competitive 2.4GHz radios in its class, we bring specs to your hand that are typically found in high end radios!  Integrated features like fully proportional controls and steering dual rate (D/R) remain easy for users of all experience levels.

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The Animus 18SC Story

The Helion Animus 18SC is the next generation of 4x4 1/18th scale performance with an unprecedented set of features and value. This project came to life as a cooperative effort between some of the greatest minds in the RC industry working for Helion and you, our customers. The premise behind the project is to offer you something different, something revolutionary: value AND performance!  Helion R/C design engineers optimized the Animus platform for the latest generation of bashers and R/C enthusiasts. The use of gear differentials and a robust shaft based, ball bearing supported, gear differential drivetrain reduces maintenance requirements, improves efficiency and performance without compromising value. The inclusion of a crystal-less 2.4 GHz radio technology means R/C bashers and enthusiasts can now enjoy using their Helion trucks and cars alongside one another instead of worrying about changing or having to buy extra crystals. With a 380 size High Speed brushed motor and high performance 6-Cell NiMH battery included, the Animus is equipped to not disappoint with speeds topping 20mph!

ERS Unit

The “ERS” (ESC/Receiver/Servo) unit encompasses all of the Animus’ electronics into one space saving package to alleviate the wiring mess associated with other minis.

Gear Differentials

Rotating on ball bearings, the high performance Nylon composite  used throughout the differentials make the Animus’ drivetrain one of the strongest and most reliable in its class.

Oil-filled Shocks

6.5mm mini “big bore”oil filled, bladder top shocks with adjustable ride height and rebuild-able seal cartridges.

All-terrain Traction

Aggressive tread design with real rubber compound for great traction on all surfaces which outlasts that of other minis’ plastic-rubber compounds.


LiPo Compatibility: None, Up to 6-Cell NiMH Only
Motor: 380 Size High Speed Brushed
Battery: 6-Cell 2/3A NiMH Flat Configuration
Gear Pitch: M0.6 (P:14, S:50)
Wheels: 12mm Hex (24mm OS, TRX and KYO Compatible)
Length: 540mm (21.26in)
Height: 215mm (8.46in)
Width: 290mm (11.42in)
Wheelbase: 327mm (12.87in)
Weight (approx): 2545g (5.61lb)
Internal Gear Ratio: 8.8:1 (14T Pinion)

What else

Whats in the BOX

  Animus 18SC 4WD Truck
  2.4GHz 2-Channel Radio System
  1100mAh 7.2V NiMH Rechargeable Battery Pack & A/C Wall Charger
  Documentation pack with Owner’s manual and Exploded Views


Needed to Complete

  8x AA-size batteries for transmitter



Big Squid RC

"The 18SC is the toughest 1:18 scale truck I’ve ever seen."